Will I have my own dedicated advisor?

Yes, you will start working with a dedicated Expert and can continue to interract with him/her unless you require a wider range of support and your Expert is not able to offer all of it. In that case you are likely to engage other Experts through the course of your partnership with us. However, you may also end up working with the same expert if it suits you. Your bundle will include a set number of hours with our Experts. We can recommend but it is entirely up to you how you make use of these hours. Please contact the founder of the business, Elena, if you want to discuss any changes to your contract, expertise you may need, or to provide feedback.

Do you offer retainer model packages? We are considering a longer-term ongoing arrangement.

Yes, we do offer 12 month+ contracts. Please book a slot to discuss your requirements and we can propose a number of options for you to choose from. For our one-off and short-term packages please visit our Pricing page.

What if your experts don't offer the service I need?

We are looking to grow and acquire new partnerships. Which expertise are you after? We would be delighted to source that specific skillset for you - get in touch.

I have used up all my bundle hours in the first few months. How do I buy more?

No hours? No problem. Top up via our Shop; purchase another Bundle; or speak to us to reassess you needs and see if we could agree a new package. We love to be flexible!

Are your services more expensive than they would be directly with your experts?

Not at all! We have negotiated to match the rates you would incur directly with our experts. The only difference is that you receive better value of having access to a whole team through one provider. You will save time (which is every business owner's main asset) and administrative burden by working with us and accessing a variety of trusted experts for bite-sized advice without any additional contractual arrangements. If our offering doesn't provide the value you are looking for, please get in touch for a bespoke arrangement based on your specific requirements.

What if I am not happy with the service I receive?

Speak to us! We would be devastated, of course, but would need to understand why, so that we can fix it. If it doesn't work, we will offer a refund for any outstanding hours/services.


Emotional and Mental Health

Mental Health and Addictions Services North Island 250-331-8524, 941 England Avenue, Courtenay

Anxiety Canada

Anxiety and Parents (Both Mom and Dad)

BC Reproductive Mental Health

Pacific Postpartum Support Society 604-255-7999, (Toll Free) 855-255-7999

Postpartum Support International

BC Suicide Crisis Line 1-800-SUICIDE 1-800-784-2433

BC Mental Health Support/Crisis Line: 310-6789 (no area code) (24/7)

BC Crisis Lines

Antidepressants, should I take them in pregnancy?

Stress Busters for new moms

Free Counselling for Birth Trauma at BC Women’s


General Pregnancy

SOGC General Pregnancy Info

Discomforts of Pregnancy * (PDF TO COME)

Dental Health

Dentably: Dental Care and Pregnancy

Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy

Baby Kick Counting

Sex and Pregnancy

Tdap Vaccination in Pregnancy

Influenza Vaccine

Vaccinations in Pregnancy


Travel in Pregnancy

Travel Safety During Pregnancy

Travel During Pregnancy, Government of Canada

Travel During Pregnancy, Health Link BC


Nutrition and Herbs

Healthy Eating: Canada’s Food Guide

Healthy Bowl

Healthy Plate

Prenatal Nutrition


Iron Deficiency Anemia

Folic Acid and Spina Bifida

Food Sources of Vitamin D and Calcium

Fibre and Your Health

Food Safety in Pregnancy

Safe and Unsafe Herbs in Pregnancy - Aviva Romm MD

Natural Remedies in Pregnancy - Aviva Romm MD



Exercise and Pregnancy

Exercise in Pregnancy Health Link BC


Pelvic Floor exercise (Kegals)

Perineal Massage (PDF)

Prenatal Yoga and Mom/Baby Yoga Courtenay Recreation: 250-338-5371


Work and Pregnancy

Working During Pregnancy

BC Employment Standards

EI and Parental Benefits


Tests Offered in Pregnancy

Rh Testing

Rh Sensitization


SOGC/CAR Statement on Non-Medical Use of Ultrasound in Pregnancy

Ultrasound Biological Effects and Safety

Prenatal Genetic Testing

Gestational Diabetes Screening

Gestational Diabetes

Group B Strep

Group B Strep SOGC (PDF)


For Dads/Partners

Becoming a Dad – 10 Tips for Birth

So you are Going to be a Father/Parent (PDF)

The Tough Times of Labour and How to Help –Penny Simpkin (PDF)


Medications and Other Exposures

Motherrisk: Medications and Exposures

Medications and Exposures

Antidepressants, should I take them in pregnancy?

Smoking and Pregnancy

Quit Smoking

Alcohol and Drug Use in Pregnancy

Marijuana and Pregnancy


Breech Position Babies

Best Birth Clinic

If your Baby is Breech

Turning a Breech Baby (External Cephalic Version)


Birth Preparation

Spinning Babies: fetal positioning

What to Pack for the Hospital

Sibling Prep

Perineal Massage (PDF)


Special Situations

Pregnancy after your due date

Management of pregnancy between 41-42wks SOGC (PDF)

Pregnancy Beyond 40 years old

Obesity and Pregnancy

Rapid Birth at Home – How to Catch a Baby (PDF)


Pregnancy Options

Choices Adoption and Pregnancy Counselling Text 250-213-7718 or call 1-866-533-9811

Options for Sexual Health 1-800-739-7367


Pregnancy Loss/Grief

BC Women’s Hospital Loss Resources

Mothering Your Heart Facebook Group

Grace Baby Loss Support Group

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Free Remembrance Photography for those suffering loss of a baby


Prenatal Classes

Public Health Free Prenatal Classes

Holliday Tyson Free YouTube Prenatal Classes

Healthy Birth Choices E-Classes


In Bloom Childbirth Education


Penny Simpkon YouTube Channel



Comox Valley Doulas

Funded Doulas for Aboriginal Families


Doula Services Association


Community Supports

Public Health 250-331-8520

Right from the Start Program – public health resources and connection through pregnancy, birth and postpartum

Healthy Babies Group for Pregnant Women and Moms with Babies up to 6 months 250-871-7577 or 250-871-7575

Comox Valley Family Services

Transition House for Women: Lilli House 250-338-1227

Ministry of Children and Family Development 250-334-5820

BC Counsellors


Allied Health Practitioners

Amy Kelly –counselling

Jennifer Mansell – counselling

Shannon Lawrence - Comox Physiotherapy – pelvic floor, diastasis recti etc

Lindsay Ishoy - Cumberland Physio and Yoga

Debbie Wright and Alicia Steele – chiropractic care at The Grove Health and Wellness

Marnie Grant - Courtenay Family Chiropractic

Michelle Hughes - acupuncture

Lisa Lundy – acupuncture

Sarah Clement - Vancouver Island Osteopathy - craniosacral/tongue tie revision/breastfeeding problems

Maneesha Madan – craniosacral therapy for babies

Kirsten Werner – massage therapy

Clare Blanchflower – maya massage


Maternity and Baby Clothing

Podlings 420 Fitzgerald Ave, Courtenay, 250-334-3483

Kradles 226 5th Street, Courtenay 250-703-9516 or 102-382 Lerwick Road 250-871-4424

Planet Kids 1743 Comox Ave, Comox 250-339-3422

Value Village 350 Old Island Hwy, Courtenay, 250-334-3085



College of Midwives of BC Statement on home birth

CMBC Place of Birth Handbook

Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Statement on Planned Home Birth (PDF)

Rapid Birth at Home - How to Catch a Baby (PDF)

Homebirth Supply List (PDF)



College of Midwives of BC – Guidelines for Use of Water in Labour and Birth

Waterbirth International

Birth Pool Rental Options in the Comox Valley

Birth Supplies Canada


Birth Options

Childbirth Connection

Optimal Birth BC

Home or Hospital, Holding the Space for Human Birth

Vaginal Birth Simulation Video

Types of Births: Vaginal, Assisted, Caesarean

Vaginal Birth and C-Section Comparison



Power to Push: knowing your Birth Options

Thinking About VBAC: What’s Right For Me VBAC Power To Push


Elective C-Section

Elective Caesarean

C-Section Simulation Video


Skin to Skin

Skin to Skin Contact

Importance of Skin to Skin

Effect of Skin to Skin


Breastfeeding Help

Public Health Breastfeeding Drop-in 250-331-8520

Local Lactation Consultant: Carol Venters, RN, 250-897-0849

Comox Valley La Leche League


General Breastfeeding

International Breastfeeding Centre (Dr Jack Newman) Videos, info sheets

Helpful Breastfeeding Videos

Breastfeeding, Starting out Right

Follow Me Mom Video

Breastfeeding a Newborn

Biological/Natural/Laid Back Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Multiples

Pumping/Expressing Milk

Hand Expression Video

Breastfeeding and drinking alcohol

Breastfeeding and Medications

Breastfeeding and Medications SOGC


Breastfeeding Problems

Sore Nipples


Blocked Ducts and Mastitis

Yeast/Thrush/Candida Protocol

Illness in Breastfeeding Parent or Baby

Tongue Tie


Breastmilk Collection and Storage

Health Link BC Breastmilk Storage

Kelly Mom

Hands on Pumping Technique

Pumping/Expressing Milk

Hand Expression Video


Milk Banks

BC Women’s Milk Bank

Parenting Resources and Local Groups

Valley Child – Local Guide to Events and Services for Parents with Children 0-6yrs, Resources, Supports, Playgroups etc

Calendar of all Groups in the Valley

Local Comox Valley Groups for New and Expecting Parents

Baby Talk - Drop in group 0-6mo at the Lewis Centre

Mamacentric – parent/baby/toddler group at Cumberland Community School

Healthy Families Program: resources for parents with children 0-6yrs, Playgroups, Parenting Programs etc. 250-338-7575

Child Development Association

Infant Development Program

Vancouver Island Multiple Births Association

Comox Valley Twins and Multiples Facebook Group

Twins and Multiples

Preterm Baby Group

8-1-1: Free BC phone line for health advice

Kelly Mom

Dr Sears

Life with Baby


Normal Newborn Behaviour

Caring for your New Baby (PDF)

Caring For Kids: Canadian Paediatric Society Resources

Baby Skin Conditions Gallery

Period of Purple Crying

Crying and Colic

Colic and Probiotics

Babywearing International

Strollers, Baby Carriers and Infant Stress


Welcoming a Baby with Down Syndrome

Preventing Flat Heads

Positional Plagiocephay (Flat Heads)



Healthlink BC Safe Sleep

BC Safer Sleep/Co-sleeping safely

Safe Bedsharing

Baby Sleep Info Source

The 5 S’s for Soothing Baby

Hip Healthy Swaddling

Sleep related infant death



(Also see Breastfeeding Section)

Infant Feeding

Breastfeeding, Formula Feeding, Solids

Safe Use and Storage of Formula

Feeding Formula

Baby’s First Foods

Starting Solids


Tongue Tie

Tongue Tie

Tongue Tie Identification

Tongue Tie, From Confusion to Clarity


Instructional Breastfeeding Video about Tongue Tie

Dr Jimmy Chan: North Vancouver Laser tongue tie and lip tie treatment


Newborn Medications and Tests

Newborn screening

Erythromycin Eye Ointment

Canadian Paediatric Society Preventing Eye Infection from Gonorrhea

Vitamin K

Canadian Paediatric Society Vitamin K

Immunizations – Caring for Kids

Immunize BC

Comox Valley Public Health Immunizations 250-331-8520



Care of uncircumcised penis

Caring For Kids: Circumcision of Baby Boys

Canadian Paediatric Society Newborn Male Circumcision


Circumcision, an Elephant in the Hospital: history, literature

Find a Family Doctor

Find a Doctor in the Comox Valley

BC College of Family Physicians

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Resources for Indigenous Families

K’ómoks First Nation

Wachiay Friendship Centre: many different services and supports for aboriginal people in the Comox Valley

Hummingbirds Playgroup: drop in for parents and children 0-6yrs

Upper Island Women of Native Ancestry

North Island Métis Association

Indigenous Women’s Sharing Society

National Aboriginal Council of Midwives

First Nations Health Authority Email Address:

FNHA Prescription Drug Benefits

First Nations Health Benefits (Plan W)

List of over the counter items listed as benefits specific to Plan W:

Pharmacist's Guide for RDP, LCD and Non Benefits

Jordan’s Principle: ensuring that First Nations children can access services. Phone: 1-866-913-0033

Sasaman’s Society: “We are a free and voluntary service aimed at assisting Aboriginal families/Elders who may be potentially involved with the Ministry of whose children/grandchildren are in Ministry Care.” Legal Advice. Liaisons etc.