Meet Beth

BETH EBERS RM (currently on leave)

Welcome to Cedar House Midwives!  I can’t wait to meet you.  I have been practicing as a Midwife for over 20 years, caring for thousands of families. I have a fundamental love of people: I'm passionate about being by your side as you go through the physical, emotional, even spiritual transformations inherent in childbirth.  I appreciate the opportunity in midwifery to provide you with personalized, responsive, clinical care that is respectful of your own cultural context; and builds a relationship based on trust and support.  

Throughout this process I support your intuitive abilities as a parent while simultaneously offering you the knowledge, skills and experience I've gained in my years of providing care to families.


I began my training and practice prior to the regulation of midwifery in BC.  This led me to pursue education in the USA at Maternindad La Luz and at Ryerson University. I have practiced in diverse settings including working as Clinical Co-Director of a high volume birth centre in the USA-Mexico border community, a homebirth practice in Yukon, an urban clinic serving immigrant families (Diversity Midwives), an East Vancouver practice with outreach to marginalized families (Aboriginal Mother's Centre, Pomegranate Midwives), and a rural practice in Squamish (Roots Community Midwives).  At Cedar House Midwives I continue practice to midwifery from my heart, with the passion and joy that drew me to it initially, inspired ongoing by the beautiful families I work with in the Comox Valley.  I humbly and respectfully acknowledge that I live and work on the unceded traditional territory of the K'ómoks First Nation.


I am committed to providing care that promotes your and your baby’s health. I learned early on the importance of approaching a baby’s first moments on earth with gentleness and reverence.  I have a special interest in viewing pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood as potentially healing experiences. My counselling approach, trauma informed and wholeness oriented, is deeply influenced by the work of Dr. Gabor Maté. I am part of a group of facilitators who train others in his Compassionate Inquiry approach.  For those interested, I incorporate into your care my practices in the healing arts.  I hold a Master Herbalist certification, and am certified in performing Acupuncture during labour and the immediate postpartum. 

When I am not midwifing I enjoy mothering my beautiful daughter, fishing the coastal waters with my partner, and working with plants.